Episode 1

Published on:

13th Jul 2020

Smart Guy, Dumb Guy. Nerd Guy, Cool Guy.

Introductory episode!

In our very first episode we provide a quick introduction to the podcast and what you can expect. Then we jump into two topics. First, racism in France's elite education systems and what it can teach us about America's own racist history. And second, protests songs and what we've learned since 1966.

Link to the Atlantic Article that started our conversation.

Link to Jonny's website including blog and other podcasts.

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About the Podcast

Smart Guy, Dumb Guy
A culture, current events, and politics podcast from both sides of the intelligence spectrum.
A Smart Guy, Dumb Guy podcast explores culture, current events, politics, and economics from both sides of the intellectual spectrum.

Each week, hosts Christian Serge and Jonny Morrison, dive into the latest cultural issues from their own perspectives and experiences.

You might learn something but even more importantly, you'll hear two people with different backgrounds work hard to have substantive, understandable, and enjoyable conversations.

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Jonny Morrison

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